On the buses

Over the past few weeks, RTS has had the privilege of working with a splendid chap by the name of Pete. Now Pete runs a company called BARML2355 and if you are looking for something a bit different for an upcoming event, Pete is your man. Without question one of the most unique ideas, this vintage London bus will never get old!

Pete is expanding his business and one Routemaster, is just not enough so he is adding to RML2355 with another 2370! We have been assisting Pete with his rebuild and he has very kindly given us a mention in his latest video. If you have any interest in vehicle refurbishment or just want to watch a very funny, entertaining and well put together series of how to refurb an old London bus, check out his YouTube channel: 


Whether you need our mobile bus bar for small events or large festivals, Pete will have just the right plan for you. You can even decide if you want to run your own bar or let Pete run the bar for you, it’s up to you!

Maybe you don’t even need a bar at all and just want to use the bus to promote a brand or product. The bar equipment can be easily removed and/or covered up. Use the powerful impact our bus has to attract your potential customers. Many large companies have done so with great success!

Get in touch directly with Bar ML 2355 today for more details visit BARML2355