Let's talk technology

Highway code to be changed

So as technology rolls along, laws have to be updated. This week the D.O.T in the UK have announced that you will be able to watch the TV if you are in a self-driving car. but only if it's a built-in unit that can be switched off by the car if it needs someone to take over control. So you can still be done for using your phone. I can only assume that you still need someone to drive you home from the pub too?

Now there's a debate for the future...

What is no debate is that industry is already starting to expand in the UK and the brownfield sites being used to build houses will soon run dry as businesses refurbish old sites and new units will be built to house technology and innovations as well as manufacturing. This can only be good for the UK economy and the British pound.

Brexit has happened, it is what it is and we need to do what we can to build the economy. With this in mind, I have been out and networking with businesses in a bid to support our customers as much as we can. I'm proud to say not one person I have spoken to has buried their head in the sand but is looking at the positives and pushing for business.

Composite and Plastics

We supply a range of plastic and composite fixings that can be inserted in a variety of ways: Thermic, Ultrasonic, Over-moulding or Expansion.

We even have a range of Polyfast and Polyform screws and self-tapping inserts.

A selection of insertion tooling is also available, which we are happy to arrange for a demonstration.

Please contact us via 01296330331 or email info@rivetnut.co.uk with details about your requirements, one of our technical engineers will be happy to assist.