Bespoke for you and your Clients

Design Services

RTS can produce bespoke fixings and designs with CAD assistance to you and your clients.

We can provide technical drawings for approval or inclusion into a project as required.

These are segmented into the following processes.

• Initial consultation
• Commercial agreement
• Cad design of a fixing or range of fixings, specific to your needs
• Approval
• Small batch production
• Testing
• Final approval
• Low and high volume production

RTS is prepared in any case to sign a commercial agreement for design, ownership and non-disclosure agreement, unique to every design.

This gives you the confidence and peace of mind that we will work with you,whilst maintaining your confidentiality and privacy. 

Please contact us via +44 (0)1296 330331 or email with details about your requirements, one of our technical engineers will be happy to assist.

Design Services


Call: +44 (0)1296 330331