The Future of EV

Having just attended the Battery Tech Expo at Silverstone today. It was exciting to see the new and varied EV technologies and the supporting industries for the production, maintenance and installation of EV technology. 

It was a pleasure to learn about innovations and discuss business opportunities at many different levels, with a variety of manufacturers across the globe. It was also fantastic to see so many homegrown businesses showing their products and we look forward to working with some of them in the future.

As an engineer, it's great to discuss, design, and supply products for Metal, Plastic, Composite, and the occasional wood projects across various industries.  Thanks to all our clients and the meetings we have had discussing current and future projects and the supply of our products. It's great to be working with you!

On a different note, we have just had a major stock influx of products so our warehouse is choc-o-block again. Something you need? give us a call.