Introducing the Thermal insertion tool for plastics

Do you deal with plastics or composites? Something you have considered but are not sure how best to assemble? The SIMAF Group have designed a very simple solution. A temperature-controlled hot insertion machine, similar to a pillar drill operation, the unit will heat and insert a specially designed brass insert into many kinds of plastic and composite materials.

  • One of the many, it eliminates stress fractures due to forcing or expansion.
  • The material cools around the insert and holds in place stronger than using glue or force alone.
  • Shorter curing time over glue.
Would you like a demonstration? We will be happy to provide one with no obligation. We can offer a unit for testing if required. 

You can download the brochure here

Please contact us via 01296330331 or email with details about your requirements, one of our technical engineers will be happy to assist.